Additional Resources

Additional Resources


Maintaining accessibility is a main part of your job responsibilities. Any new content you create will have to keep this in mind. The following resources are just a few that you should use in addition to standard accessibility considerations such as the ones listed below.

  • Site responsiveness for all content such as tables, images, and videos
  • Alternative text for images and videos
  • Table caption and row/column scope attributes
  1. Check color contrast – You want to have pass for all standards if possible
  2. Check for Broken Links – You need to go through and fix as many of the broken links as possible, notifying clients of those you can’t so that they can take a look

GT Branding

When generating new content, keep these in mind as they’re used campus wide to maintain consistent GT Branding.

  1. GaTech Colors
  2. Web and Digital Guidelines
  3. Design Elements

Prototype Sample

The following are samples of content created by previous student web developers. One thing you want to keep in mind is that when creating the initial mockup of a new design, you want to come up with several options for your client to choose from. Once they do, work with them to finalize a design that meets their approval.

  1. Buzzcard – Zehua
  2. Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) – Nhi

Research Tools

When conducting user research in preparation of a new project, you may sometimes need to gather user feedback (Ex: surveys). 

  • Reddit
  • Qualtrics