Analytics Report

Analytics Report

Report Template

The monthly analytics reports are created using Adobe InDesign or Figma. You are not obligated to use those applications, so long as you deliver a PDF that has some level of continuity with prior examples. Each has customized graphics based on the client’s needs. The files below include examples.

Report Info Graphics

The info graphics used within the report was created from infogram, a site that allows you to create your own graphics by inputting data. You can then export the graphics or screenshot it to be used within your report.

Tips for a Great Report

To ensure that your report looks professional and of high quality, be sure to take the following tips into consideration.

  • Replace the text of the info graphics with actual text labels in Adobe InDesign so that it can scale when clients zoom in to take a closer look at a graph
  • Make use of the white space on the report so that everything flows
  • Don’t be afraid to rotate graphs to ensure that it fits nicely on the page as long as it still conveys the same information when doing so
  • Always export the report to pdf and check how it looks before sending it out to clients