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Our student alumni have moved on to full-time roles and internships at some pretty awesome companies. Read about their experiences in OIT and where they are now. 

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Over the past 10 months, I had the opportunity to pursue my last semesters of education and work on meaningful projects positively impacting my community: GeorgiaTech. This position was insightful and pushed me to grow personally and professionally. I developed and strengthened new skills that allowed me to land a promising full time job after my graduation. David was an amazing manager and helped me through the development of all my assigned GeorgiaTech websites. Through every weekly design showcase, I had the chance to meet other student developers and grow my network. Overall, I would recommend this position to any student at Tech!

Yasmine S. - Web Developer, OIT Web Development & Support

BSCS Class of 2022, SQL Developer @ Microsoft

This team would greatly benefit anyone who is trying to improve their skillsets in web development, data analysis/visualization, or project management in a collaborative and iterative environment with other bright-minded individuals. As a Business Administration major but an IT Management concentration, I really appreciated the dichotomy present in the daily responsibilities for my role as a Team Lead, and I enjoyed the fact that I never found myself doing too much of the same thing on a weekly basis. The people that you will work with are extremely understanding of any time constraints you may have due to classes you’re taking or if you’re not located in the same time zone as the rest of the team, and they are eager to help you succeed as you continue to develop your skills throughout the course of your employment. I can’t recommend a better place to work!

Jackson C. - Product Owner & Agile Lead, OIT Web Development & Support

BSBA Class of 2021, Project Manager @ Sedgwick

I’ve worked at OIT for about a year now, and I can confidently say that this position has helped me grow into the designer I am today. David was a wonderful manager, and I really appreciate his coordination in allowing us to work in a multidisciplinary environment. Learning how to work and collaborate with other clients, developers, and designers pushed me to understand the overlap in different skill sets that would lead us towards a successful implementation. David also encourages a comfortable and warm team culture, from design showcases to team-bonding brunches. These events have made me understand how a cohesive team structure is necessary to perform at our best!

Outside of the supportive community and great work culture, as a primarily UX/visual designer on the team, I appreciated the room David gave me to be creative and explore alternatives. I’ve created some of my favorite mockups, illustrations, and iconography sets through this position, and I loved iterating on them through the feedback of both clients and teammates – a skill I will carry on to my future positions. I would absolutely recommend this position to any student at Tech, and I think they would grow both professionally and personally during their time here!

Karis W. - UX Designer, OIT Web Development & Support

BSID Class of 2023, Intern @ Microsoft

As a student, it’s rare to find an opportunity that allows the flexibility to not only work on meaningful projects, but also enroll in summer courses. Yet, working as a Student Developer for OIT this Summer has allowed me to pursue both. Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure to work with David, my manager, as well as other student developers and designers to re-design and build impactful Georgia Tech services sites such as and Working remotely due to COVID-19 presented its set of challenges, but the program did a fantastic job in keeping us engaged with daily standups and weekly showcases. I highly recommend applying here for any student who is looking to find a meaningful Summer experience in Web Development, yet still have the flexibility to progress further in their degree.

Jason Y. - Web Developer, OIT Web Development & Support

BSCS Class of 2022, Intern @ Kapwing

Over the summer, I worked on CRC and Housing websites that are widely used by the Tech community on a daily basis. Being able to directly interact with the clients and end-users in order to create a more impactful and interactive experience for my peers was surely an enriching journey. I tremendously value the level of collaboration that is there within the team since it gave me a different perspective at every step. I now have a much better outlook towards accessibility features and what the users want.

Riya B - UX Researcher & Designer, OIT Web Development & Support

MS HCI Class of 2021, Intern @ Snowflake

It has been a wonderful experience working at the office of IT. I got to practice user research, user-centered design, and visual design when working on the Dining and HR website. It gave me a great sense of achievement cooperating with different teams and seeing the designs being realized. Also, I’m grateful for my colleagues who are extremely helpful and supportive. Their advice, encouragement, and kind help made me enjoy every moment of the work. 
Xiao L. - UX Researcher & Designer, OIT Web Development & Support

MS HCI Class of 2023, Intern @ Service Now