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Why Should You Apply?

All OIT student assistant roles are paid positions, but there’s much more to gain in personal development, technical growth, soft skill acquisition, and comradere.  

Apply In-class Learning 

Connect classroom knowledge to real-world experience. Learning is one thing, but taking those skills into the workforce and applying them is a great way to explore different career paths and specializations that suit individual interests.

Gain Experience & Marketability

By selecting a job aligned with your concentration and career field, you have an immediate competitive advantage when applying for jobs after graduation.


Experience a working environment similar to that in the industry. Build your professional network and increase your chances of landing a full-time offer. Connect with other student employees who share similar interests. 


We provide students with the soft skills needed in today’s workplace and in leadership positions. Soft skills are prioritized now more than ever.


Explore facets of tech that you had not considered. Host divisions provide an environment for and shadowing opportunities

Gain Feedback

Feedback is essential for career growth. Our students have opportunities to receive feedback from seasoned professionals and give feedback to their peers.  

Our student alumni have moved on to full-time roles and internships at some pretty awesome companies. We think your experience at OIT will help you get there as well.

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