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Eligibility & Application

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Student Status

Applicants must be enrolled as a Georgia Tech student. During Fall and Spring semesters, students must be taking classes.



Students must physically be in the United States, even if the role is a remote position.


Hourly Limits

Students are limited in the number of hours per week they can work for the institute. During Fall and Spring semesters, students cannot exceed 20 hours per week, regardless of how many jobs they have on campus. In Summer, the limit is 40 if the student is not taking summer courses.


Social Security Number

If selected for the role, students will be required to acquire an SSN prior to the first day in their new role. International students without an SSN will work through the Office of International Education (OIE) to obtain one.


Application Process

All roles do NOT use the same application process. Review the role thoroughly to confirm. If the role uses the standard email application process continue reading and begin by sending an email to the hiring manager with your information.



Send an email to the hiring manager for the role of interest. The email will serve as a formal application. Depending on the nature of the role, supporting documentation may include links to your portfolio, GitHub repository, and other sources that exhibit your skillsets.


All applications will be reviewed. If selected, you will interview with a hiring manager or panel. This will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about role. Interviews may be in-person or remote and typically last 30-45 minutes.




If selected as a finalist, the hiring manager will extend a formal offer to you. Candidates will typically have a few days to decide. If accepted, you will begin the onboarding process.