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Welcome Jackets!

Onboarding Process

You got the job. Let’s get you onboarded. While your hiring manager is there to guide you through, it is important to stay proactive. Delay of your onboarding will result in a later start date. 


Your Information

Inform your hiring manager of the following items:

  • Have you worked for GT in the past? If so, what is your employee ID number (found in OneUSG Connect).
  • Are you currently working for another GT department? If so, which one?
  • Your Full Legal name as shown on your student ID.
  • Are you currently enrolled in classes? Yes or No
  • Do you have a social security number? Yes or No – Do NOT email your actual Social Security number

International: SSN

International students who do NOT have a Social Security Number will need to acquire one by scheduling an appointment through the Office of International Education (OIE). Students will need to upload an original blue ink signed offer letter produced on GT letterhead. This may be provided by OIT’s Human Resources consultant. 



Online Hire Packet

All new student employees will receive an email from Equifax (donotreply@equifax.com) with a subject line of: Your Georgia Tech New Hire Documents are Ready

Inform your manager when you have received the email and when the documentation is completed.

In-Person HR Verification

After completing all documents in the online hire packet, you will receive further instructions via email on next steps to complete in-person requirements, which includes presentation of original (no photocopies) proof of identity and eligibility to work documentation (I-9 required documents). The email will come from “donotreply@equifax.com.”

Inform your hiring manager once this is complete.



Timekeeping & Scheduling

Work with the hiring manager to determine the method of time keeping and your work schedule.

Time keeping options include:

          • WebClock (via OneUSG Connect)
          • KabaClock
          • Manual Entry (PDF or spreadsheet)

Training & Access

As a final step, each division has tailored onboarding processes for your specific role. Check with your hiring manager for details. They may include:

                • Training
                • Goals Forms
                • Security Access
                • Teams Channel Access


Training Resources

Each team has training resources and requirements that are specific to your role. Check with your hiring manager for specifics and read below for more resources.