Team Assignments

Fall 2021 Student Web Dev Team

We’re embracing the “new normal” for how we work and live as the world comes together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our employees, interns, and their families is our highest priority, which means shifting in-person experiences online and working together to find creative solutions to new challenges.

While this experience is not what anyone expected, we’re embracing this opportunity together with our interns to learn from one another and grow. After all, the power of a growth mindset is that every obstacle is an opportunity to succeed. Adversity often creates some of the biggest leaps in innovation, and we predict that this year’s intern class will not only help us shape our virtual experience, they will have a lasting influence on our program for years to come.

Agile Lead: Jackson C.

Design Lead: Jason Y.

Recurring Meetings:

  • Daily Virtual Stand-Up via MS Teams
  • Weekly Team Showcase
  • Weekly One-on-One Check-In with Manager or Web Dev Sr.
  • Bi-Weekly Time Verification

All Production Sites

SiteUXDev & Analytics Xiao, BeverlyJackson C. KarisSinger N/AJackson C. Karis Jackson L. Karis Jason Y. (Campus Press)N/AN/A
gtcn.gatech.eduN/AN/A (D7)TBDTBD (D7)KDKD (D7)N/AColtrain (D7)Karis, XiaoYasmine (D7)TBDTBD (D7)N/AYasmine (D7)KarisYasmine (D7)N/AN/A (D8)N/AJackson L. (ServiceNow)Karis, BeverlyKD
oit.gatech.eduKaris, BeverlyYasmine
dining.gatech.eduKaris, Xiao Jackson C., Phoebe
welcomehome.gatech.eduN/AColtrain & Jason Y

Team Projects

ProjectStudent AssignmentLaunch Date (Pending D9 Migration) Jackson L.Completed – June 2021 Drupal 8 Migration – Not StartedTBDSpring 2022 Drupal 8 Migration – webformsPhoebeFall 2021
Data Excellence Drupal 8 LaunchSinger CJuly 2021 (Pending D9 Migration)N/AFall 2021 (D8 Webform Transfers)PhoebeFall 2021 D8 content updatePhoebeFall 2021 (Oct) Drupal 8 MigrationKDFall 2021 – D9YasmineNov ’21 – D9Jackson C, Phoebe, XiaoNov ’21 – D9SingerNov ’21 Drupal 8 Migration (May cycle refresh)KDSummer ’22 Drupal 8 Migration (March cycle refresh)TBDSummer ’22
BuzzCard Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationYasmineLaunch: February ’22
Housing Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationJason Y.Launch: Spring ’22
CRC Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationSinger C. Launch: Summer ’22
Student Center Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationColtrain Launch: Summer ’22
Stamps Health Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationXiao, Beverly, Jackson C.Launch: Summer ’22
Parking & Transportation Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationJackson L.Launch: Summer ’22
Human Resources Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationTBDLaunch: Fall ’22
Conference Redesign & Drupal 8 MigrationJason Y.Fall ’22